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Stilling the mind, bringing clarity, building creativity, enhancing performance
AMI Yoga
Yoga is the stilling of changing states of mind
AMI Yoga
Excellence in action is yoga
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Why Yoga ?

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali designed and proliferated Yoga as a technique for evolving the mind. The mind is associated with thoughts.

Yoga is a practice that balances the mind. It consists of maintaining a balance between a quiet mind that is ‘still’ – a state where the thought waves are calmed, the mind is awake and in a present state where one is able to notice and observe what he/she is doing.  In this state of balance, the chaos of thoughts about multiple things crossing around on multiple levels is controlled.  Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 1.2 is referring to this still state of the mind.

When our mind attains the ‘still’ state – the ‘yoga’ state, pure harmonious state starts replacing all the disharmony, disturbance and distraction that the mind was previously engaged in.

Of course, talk about the mind – and the body is not far away. Over recent years many practitioners and yoga teachers have been inclined to reduce yoga to a set of physical practices for health and fitness, thus severely under-optimizing its potential

What is AMI Yoga ?

AMI Yoga brings the focus of the science back to the mind. AMI Yoga aims to help in evolving the mind through various techniques. However, it remains focused on the enhancement of intellectual and mental faculties through yoga.

AMI Yoga practice changes the way your mind feels.

Why AMI Yoga ?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Mindfulness as ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations’.

Mindfulness Techniques are creating a buzz today, in the global corporate world. In fact, Harvard Business Review, December 2015 issue has covered the topic of mindfulness in great detail.

‘Mindfulness research is convincing many managers that investing in reflection, openness and thoughtfulness will have a positive impact on employees and the bottom line.‘

‘Deprogramming multitasking tendencies and intentionally focusing with full attention on the task at hand results in higher quality interactions and better decisions.’

‘Managers who model and promote mindfulness practices within their teams create an environment of employee engagement.’

‘Mindfulness programs teach emotional intelligence, boost resilience to stress and create mental focus.’

‘Participants reported being calmer, more patient and better able to listen.’

AMI Yoga is a technique to enhance mindfulness

Take the first step towards this transformation

What AMI Yoga Includes ?

84 lakh different body postures have been originally designed  to represent positions adopted by various life forms – plants, animals and also non-living entities.

AMI Yoga has specifically selected about 150 different postures – Asanas that are relatively friendly, comfortable to practice and yet, have a lasting impact on the mind. These Asanas call for a little bit of stretch, and one can perform them easily without the need to get into complicated and awkward poses for benefits.

Forward bending asanas can help increase the flexibility of the mind, allow one to let go of oneself thus moving away from the ‘I’ emotion. It effectively enhances team behavior.

Backward bending asanas help in opening one’s mind to new ideas and also helps in building courage required for tough decision-making.

Twisting asanas help one negotiate challenges, enhance laterality of thought and get the creative juices to flow.

Stretch upwards with full awareness helps in enhancing goal oriented behavior.

These are breathing techniques such as kapalbhati (a cleansing technique) that help to reduce the clutter of unnecessary thoughts and brings about clarity of thinking. Anulom Vilom or alternate nostril breathing is another pranayama that brings about the balance of thoughts and contributes to informed and balanced decision making.

Mudras activate the energy channels. These practices profoundly affect various centers in the brain to reduce restlessness and calm the mind, thus inducing clarity.

A deep relaxation technique, Yoga Nidra activates the lower frequency alpha waves in the brain, which are more receptive to suggestions. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique for reinforcing the goal-oriented behavior.

These are not just mindfulness techniques but also help in tapping and exploring one’s inner potential. Meditation techniques used by AMI Yoga, work deeply at a subconscious level to bring about creativity of thought and improved visualization.

Download AMI yoga Guide to awaken & maximise your inner potential

Take the first step towards this transformation

Meditation: A Guide For Yoga Teachers

This book on meditation is a treasure for yoga teachers in how to guide students through the journey of Meditation.

What we call meditation begins with practices of Pratyahara(disconnecting from information given by senses) which progresses into Dharana (fixing awareness on one object). It then moves into Dhyana ( a state which arises spontaneously)
Meditation or Dhyana induces mindfulness which is very restorative.

This book provides many different techniques and procedures which can help attain the state of meditation if practiced regularly and diligently.

Why Choose AMI Yoga?

Over the past 35 years, AMI Yoga has not only taught yoga to more than 30000 participants but made it an integral part of their lives. AMI Yoga has won many prestigious accolades over the last 3 decades –

Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices in 2004

Recognised by Lions’ Club Chembur for outstanding contribution to Society

Felicitated by Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research for work done in Yoga

As the organisation has kept reinventing itself, it has now taken a more contemporary form as AMI Yoga.

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Our teachers span across generations, from the old and experienced, young at heart to the young and vibrant, balanced and wise in their Yogic approach.Scientifically trained in Yoga, all our trainers have qualifications and certifications from reputed institutes such as Bihar School of Yoga, Kaivalyadham, Swami Vivekananda, Bangalore, Yoga Vidya Niketan and The Yoga Institute, Santacruz. Many of our trainers have a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Yoga Shastra. Besides being dedicated yoga teachers, our trainers are also working as professionals in various fields such as medicine, education, engineering, and consultancy. Our trainers are creating a positive impact in the world besides being knowledgeable in yoga..’

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