AMI Traditional Yoga

The AMI Traditional Yoga is a balance mix of practices aiming to keep both body and mind healthy and active. It includes

Warm ups and Suryanamaskars

Class starts with special warm ups combined with different variations of Suryanamaskars to tone and strengthen every part of the body.


These are not just mindfulness techniques but also help in tapping and exploring one’s inner potential. Meditation techniques used by AMI Yoga, work deeply at a subconscious level to bring about creativity of thought and improved visualization.


84 lakh different body postures have been originally designed to represent positions adopted by various life forms – plants, animals and also non-living entities.

AMI Yoga has specifically selected about 500 different postures – Asanas that are relatively friendly, comfortable to practice and yet, have a lasting impact on the mind. These Asanas call for a little bit of stretch, and one can perform them easily without the need to get into complicated and awkward poses for benefits.

Pranayamas, Mudras and Bandhas

These are breathing techniques such as Kapalbhati (a cleansing technique) that help to reduce the clutter of unnecessary thoughts and brings about clarity of thinking. Anulom Vilom or alternate nostril breathing is another pranayama that brings about the balance of thoughts and contributes to informed and balanced decision making. Special Mudras and Bandhas are also a part of the program which help energise the body mind complex

Online Batches ( on Zoom )
01Regular Yoga MorningMonday, Wednesday & Friday6.45-7.50am
02Regular Yoga MorningMonday, Wednesday & Fridayy7.55-9.00am
03Regular Yoga MorningMonday, Wednesday & Friday7.25-8.30am
04Regular Yoga MorningTuesday, Thursday & Saturday6.55-8.00am
05Regular Yoga MorningTuesday, Thursday & Saturday7.00-8.05am
06Regular Yoga MorningTuesday, Thursday & Saturday7.55-9.00am
07Regular Yoga EveningTuesday, Thursday & Saturday4.25-5.30pm
08Regular Yoga EveningTuesday, Wednesday & Friday6.25-7.30pm
09Regular Yoga WeekendSaturday & Sunday7.25-8.30am
01ADAPT (Morning) Behind Gregorios School, Near Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai - 71Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday6.40 to 7.50 am
02ADAPT (Morning)Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday7.50 to 9.00 am
03ADAPT (Evening)Monday, Wednesday & Friday6.30 to 7.40 pm
04Chembur Gymkhana (Morning) 16th Rd, near Ambedkar Garden, Chembur Mumbai-71Monday, Wednesday Friday6.50 to 8.00 am
05Chembur Gymkhana (Evening)Monday, Wednesday Friday4.15 to 5.30 pm

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