AMI @ Corporate

AMI Yoga on the other hand, is scientifically designed to leverage the association between body and mind. It plays a big role in influencing the mind – attitude, mindset and efficiency of thinking process through various scientifically tried and tested techniques. Also the design of the program over a duration of time itself allows to build sustainability of change.

AMI @ Corporate Workshop

AMI Signature

Senior executives are often stressed while dealing with huge responsibilities at work every day, managing strategic business decisions. AMI Signature is a specially designed program to address these high levels of stress often encountered by senior corporate managers. AMI Signature focuses on the Mindfulness and is designed to destress, enhance self awareness through various innovative breathing techniques. Through meditative techniques, AMI Signature aims to enhance holistic decision making and an ability to look within for answers.

Session Duration – 90 minutes

Program Duration – 8 weeks

Frequency – Once a week

Specially trained facilitators with thorough experience and expertise. Personalised attention to individual participant –customised individual sessions also available.

AMI Classic

Clarity of thought, ability to work in teams, and lateral thinking are the essential qualities required for anyone working in the current new-age corporate sector. AMI Classic aims at enhancing competencies. Specially designed for junior and middle management executives, AMI Classic involves yogic practices, different asanas, pranayama practices and meditative techniques that enhace creative visualisation and thereby brings about a positive shift in competency parameters. The focus is on attitudinal change rather than mere enhancing of skill sets.

Session Duration – 60 minutes

Program Duration – 12months; 100 sessions

Frequency – Twice a week

Facilitators of AMI Classic are not just trained experts in Yoga, but are successful professionals who are well aware about the corporate culture and its nuances. They’re therefore able to address real-life situations and help employees truly realise their inner potential.

AMI Wellness

An ongoing program, AMI Wellness consists of an hour-long session conducted thrice a week for holistic well-being. The practices are designed to address common health issues encountered by many at the workplace viz. neck, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, hyperacidity and stress management.

Session Duration – 60 minutes

Program Duration – 12 months – Ongoing

Frequency – Thrice a week

Conducted by AMI Yoga experts with a long-standing experience in practicing and teaching yoga.

AMI @ Your Desk

Many of us are quite convinced about the benefits of Yoga but when it comes to actually practicing it, there is a reluctance to get onto a mat! AMI @ Your Desk is a session typically designed for such participants who during their busy schedules are unable to practice & experience yoga. The session involves simple asanas, pranayama etc. that one can practice on a chair while sitting at one’s own desk but without compromising on the benefits. In the offices where usually, space is a constraint, these are especially proven quite beneficial.

Session Duration – 60 minutes

Program Duration – 8 weeks

Frequency – Once a week

AMI @ Your Desk is specially choreographed to suit the office environment and does not demand any special attire. One can practice these techniques in normal work wear.

AMI iCreate

Unlike AMI Signature and AMI Classic, AMI iCreate is a specially conceptualised workshop on innovation & creativity. Designed to help de-cluttering and enhancing the efficacy of the mind, AMI iCreate is run along with our vibrant design and innovation team. The two-day workshop focuses on building innovative thinking through a unique blend of different management tools and yoga practices. AMI iCreate involves yoga practices such as meditation, body postures and breathing techniques.

Session Duration – 2 days

Conducted by AMI Yoga experts along with the business innovation team.

AMI Yoga - The Workshop

Action packed one-day workshop is ideal for everyone who’s working in the corporate sector. It includes an introduction to yoga, asana practice, meditation and also focuses on breathing and the impact of satvic food on the mind. The workshop also familiarises the participants with different relaxation techniques. Principles of Yoga are coupled with scientific explanation on how all these techniques help in enhancing mindfulness.

Session Duration – 8 hours

Conducted preferably at an offsite location, AMI Yoga – The Workshop provides a unique opportunity to discover and enhance one’s own potential. The structure of the workshop also serves as an excellent platform to leverage this science and optimize its benefits through deeper understanding.

Yoga Sessions Program

Ami Yoga, Providing the Calm You Need

AMI Yoga works with you to identify solutions to problems – related to physical health or mental issues such as stress and anxiety disorders