Neuro yoga

Neuro Yoga refers to practices and activities that aim to enhance cognitive function, mental clarity, and overall brain health. These practices can help improve memory, concentration, focus, and emotional well-being through specific techniques and exercises that target the brain’s functioning and promote mental agility.

The concept of “Neuro Yoga” is closely related to the idea of neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to adapt and reorganize itself throughout life based on experiences and activities. By engaging in practices that challenge and stimulate the brain, you can potentially improve its performance and overall health.

 AMI Neuro Yoga Program is a set of scientifically designed practices which has helped 400+ students become sharper, more agile and creative.

AMI Neuro Yoga has a 5 Step Approach

Neuro Muscular Practices

AMI Yoga has specially designed a set of Neuro Muscular Practices, which have a profound effect on the brain. These are dynamic in nature and require neuromuscular coordination. These practices help to test and improve the alertness and speed of the brain activity.

Special Asana Series

A special Asana series has been developed which includes various classical and adapted poses which help increased blood flow to the head. The practices also include balancing postures, which help to enhance vision, clarity of thought and concentration.

Brain Teasers

A custom designed module of puzzles, tongue twister and quizzes are practiced to challenge the thinking ability and IQ. These help keep the mind agile while at the same time help the participants have fun 🙂

Special Meditations & Yoga Nidra

It includes Yoga Nidra to induce deep relaxation, and to exercise the visualization power of the brain. Also special meditations to enhance focus, memory and creativity.

Pranayama and Mantra Chanting

Special Pranayamas to improve oxygen supply to the brain are an integral part of Neuro Yoga.  Mantras are certain vibrations that help induce a state of peace, calm and relaxation in the mind.

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