AMI Yoga offers yoga sessions in a variety of formats – traditional, prenatal, for diabetes management, different workshops, joint pain management, thyroid management, online and offline classes.

Why You Should Join Ami Yoga?

Awaken & Maximise your Inner Potential – This is exactly what AMI strives to do. Through scientifically planned and administered yoga techniques with well trained yoga teachers, AMI brings the wisdom of 35 years of experience over 30000 plus participants to deeply influence mental well being and effectiveness.

Participants are encouraged into a voyage of self discovery – to discover their strengths, to uncover areas of efficiency, intellect and thought that they have not been able to access earlier and bring about a quantum change in their ability to function effectively in their given roles.

Tangible results can be expected in their upgradation of various competencies for themselves.

Training programs largely impart skill sets. Any change of attitude to be brought about through training is difficult to attain and almost impossible to sustain (if at all this attitudinal change lasts no more than the weekend after the program)

AMI Yoga on the other hand, is scientifically designed to leverage the association between body and mind. It plays a big role in influencing the mind – attitude, mindset and efficiency of thinking process through various scientifically tried and tested techniques. Also the design of the program over a duration of time itself allows to build sustainability of change.

Training Body and Mind Together

Thus employees remain engaged over a period of time showing gradual but substantial and sustainable changes in mind set as desired. The ability to stay focused, to evolve better solutions, to address issues and situations more creatively and to build a spirit of team building, all of which are so critical to the success of an organization, are built systematically through AMI yoga sessions.

To truly understand how AMI yoga helps build more effective employees, simply look at what competencies your most successful employees possess : Knowledge and specialized domain understanding, ability to work in / lead teams, initiative, creativity and clarity of thought, communication skills and a single minded focus towards one’s goals in work and life. Except for the first, AMI yoga can influence all the other attributes in a significantly positive manner.

Are all these outputs really measurable ?
Sure why not! Several global organisations like Aetna have already monitored and shown results that have encouraged them to spend several working hours every week on incorporating this science into not only their work schedules but also their boardrooms. CEOs of leading companies are today known to practice meditation for mindfulness and experience the profound results of these techniques in their decision making.

Ami Yoga, Providing the Calm You Need

AMI Yoga works with you to identify solutions to problems – related to physical health or mental issues such as stress and anxiety disorders