Managing Diabetes with Yoga

You have got Diabetes. This is quite a startling diagnosis for most people. Despite the fact that one out of every 14 Indians suffers from this lifestyle disorder.

Yoga For The Knees

Knees are one of the most important and easily affected joints of the body. In the modern day, we see more and more cases of knee joints getting incapable due to injuries and ailments like arthritis. Thus it becomes imperative for the modern human being to take steps to prevent and manage any afflictions to […]

For Enhanced Creativity & Productivity turn to Neuro Yoga

What is Neuro Yoga? Yoga is a powerful tool for all round development and evolution of a Human Being. But in its contemporary form Yoga is being used for very basic purposes like physical strength, flexibility, weight management etc. The true essence of Yoga however is far greater than just bending the body into different […]

Yoga for Anxiety – Overcome Anxiety Today

Anxiety is normal. But in the recent past anxiety has been classified as a “negative” word, even synonymous to a mental disorder. It has become rampant amongst the modern population. Yoga for anxiety treatment has been very effective. This article acts as a guide to use yoga for anxiety relief. But before we go any […]

Significance of the Chakras

Today globally a lot is spoken about Chakras and their impact on evolution of the self . The Chakras as we know them are not just a yogic concept, they occur in various forms across civilisations and religions in various scriptures. Why are the Chakras so significant ? There is a physical significance of the […]

Natural Stress Relief- Pranayama Explained

Constant sleepiness, over fatigue, extreme exhaustion, restless nights etc. have become a common phenomenon today. In most cases, too much stress is the main cause of these symptoms. Management of stress overload through medication has complications and side effects. Yoga enables stress relief without medication. Yoga offers natural stress relief through the practice of Pranayama. In this article we […]

Yoga for Anxiety: 11 Poses to Try

Hero pose Tree pose Triangle pose Standing Forward Bend Fish pose Extended Puppy pose Child’s pose Head-to-Knee Forward Bend Seated Forward Bend Legs-Up-the-Wall pose Reclining Bound Angle pose Research Takeaway Why it’s beneficial Many people turn to yoga when feelings of anxiety start to creep in or during times of stress. You may find that […]