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Introductory Session: 4th Sept, Mon 6:30 – 7:30 pm IST

Live + Recordings of each session

12 weeks, 24 Sessions

Days & Time: Monday & Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 pm IST

Starting: 11th September, Monday 6:30 pm

Fees: Rs. 3500

 Get a 45 Page AMI Yoga Book on Stress Management with practices  (worth Rs. 500) absolutely free when you join 

The Energy Body

The Universe is made up of Energy. Modern Science and the Ancient Yogic culture both have proven that all matter has it’s basis in Energy.

The Big Bang is nothing but a Huge Explosion of Energy. The Basis of creation lies in Energy. But this energy, much like the air, may not always have a physical, tangible presence. But is something that can be experienced by us.

Every piece of creation too thus has a basis in Energy. The Physical Human Body also in the same way has an Energy Body which keeps it ticking.

In our Chakra workshop, we’ll be working on this Energy Body called the Pranamaya Kosha.

What are the Chakras?

The Energy Body is powered by the chakras or psychic centres, which are subtle, high powered energy centres in the body. They receive and store the cosmic prana and act as switches for illumining the higher faculties of consciousness. The chakras are associated with specific nerve plexuses, endocrine glands and organs of the body and thus influence every aspect of our being.
The six main chakras located along the spinal column are :


Located in front of the anus, it represents stability, grounding and survival instincts, influencing feelings of security and connection to the physical world. Hence it is also called the Root chakra.


Situated in the lower abdomen, it is also called the Sacral chakra. It governs emotions, creativity, and sexuality, shaping our ability to experience pleasure and engage with relationships.


Located in the navel area, it embodies personal power and self-confidence. Also called the Fire chakra, this drives our actions and desire to get things done.


Positioned in the chest, right behind the sternum, it is the centre of love and compassion, influencing our capacity for empathy, forgiveness, and forming meaningful connections. Hence called the Heart chakra.


Located at the throat, it governs communication and self-expression, shaping our ability to convey thoughts and feelings with authenticity. Also called the Throat chakra.


Located at the centre of our head right behind the eyebrow centre. It’s also called the Third-eye chakra because it’s associated with intuition. It is also responsible for unlocking our hidden potential.

Kundalini Tantra, By Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar School of Yoga


Tick the box if any or all the below apply to you

Have many insecurities and fears

  Have Low self esteem and lack confidence

Have Communication problems and fear of speaking in public

Lack creativity and intuition 

Wish to foster a stronger spiritual connection

Wish to embark on a journey of self discovery

Lack clarity of thought and are mostly confused

Find it difficult to build and maintain relationships

Suffer from physical illnesses despite various treatments

Find it difficult to take decisions

Feel a lack of energy and vitality

Are often stressed, anxious and lack motivation

If ANY Of The Above Hold True For You, Then The AMI Chakra Balancing Workshop is for you!

What will you learn in this workshop?


We’ll dive deeper into the science behind the energy body and the chakras to help you visualise chakras in your physical body and understand the effects they have on it.


When the flow of prana is low or obstructed, it invariably leads to ailments in our physical body. These pranayamas will be focussed on restoring a balanced flow of the prana in our body.


Every chakra is targeted with a special set of asanas. Slowly as we work on our energy body, you’ll see that long standing issues of the body slowly start getting healed


We will practice specific mudras & bandhas to activate specific chakras. Also we will chant the beej mantras for the chakras


Visualization is a powerful tool to manifest what we desire. We’ll use this powerful tool to balance our energy body. We’ll practice special meditations on every chakra to activate and balance them.

Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 500) 
Absolutely free when you join 

Here's How the Workshop will help

  • Increased vitality, enthusiasm and sense of well-being
  • Better Physical Health
  • Release of negative emotions and better mental health
  • Stress Reduction as you feel a sense of calm and inner peace
  • Personal Growth due to increased self-awareness and personal insight
  • Enhanced Creativity and Self- Expression
  • Stronger connection to higher consciousness, intuition, and inner wisdom
  • Better communication, skills, empathy and Relationships

 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 500) 
Absolutely free when you join 

Get a glimpse of the classes

 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 500) 
Absolutely free when you join 

A Quick Introduction to AMI Yoga

We, AMI Yoga are a 35 Year Old Yoga School based in Mumbai, India.

Our Team of 40 teachers has trained more than 35,000 students online and offline.

At AMI, we have expert Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Medical Professionals.

Our teachers are qualified professionals from the AYUSH Ministry, Government of India. (This is internationally recognized)

Our practices combine traditional yoga and scientifically adapted practices. 

We’ve helped students of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals and transform their lives.

1 +
Active Monthly Students
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Years of Experience

We’ve trained 1391 Yogis across organizations:


Yoga can really change the game for you, like it did for them 🙂

We're Proud Of The Impact We've Made Through Yoga, Here's Proof:​

Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 500) 
Absolutely free when you join 

If We Look Around Us, Here’s What We See:

  • Newer Diseases
  • More visits to all kinds of doctors
  • Constantly falling ill in intervals
  • Imbalance of the Mind and Body
  • Medicines and Supplements becoming a regular part of the diet
  • Sluggishness and Feeling tired all the time
  • Rigid bodies and worried minds

“Our mission at AMI is to help you make the world a happier and healthier place.”

Workshop Details

  • Orientation: 4th September, Monday 6:30 pm IST
  • Starting: 11th September, Monday 6:30pm IST
  • Days: Every Monday & Thursday
  • Time: 6:30 pm-7:30 pm IST
  • Duration: 3 months 
  • Fees: Rs. 3500
  • No. of Sessions: 24

Register for the orientation Below

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workshop is 3 months long. There are a total of 24 sessions which are 1 hour each

If you’d like to still get recordings and watch at your own pace, you can do that too 🙂

Please connect with our teacher on +91 98204 01430. They will guide you on the right steps to be taken

The workshop costs Rs.3500. It’s kept at a low price since we want it to reach the maximum amount of people

If you miss a session, you can access a recording. But we recommend live classes for the best experience 🙂

Each class has 2 teachers. The main teacher takes the practices, while the support teacher will help you with corrections and any other assistance you need

Please call us at 9820401430. Our teachers will help you out 🙂

Once you join your whatsapp group and complete your sessions, we’ll send you the pdf over whatsapp 🙂

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